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Hi there! I'm Steve Lawton. I’m one of the leading headshot photographers in London. I've been shooting actors headshots and corporate headshots for 25 years.

In today's world, the need for good headshots and social media images is huge and continues to grow. When it comes to a great portrait, what each person requires is something that communicates his/her talent and humanity.

My headshot photography uses natural light and a stunning location. I shoot in both colour and black and white, to create images that capture each person's essence. Providing my clients with authentic and warm images to further their careers has been and continues to be a source of great pleasure for me.

I work with actors and performers to craft images that resonate with casting directors. Through my work, I aim to capture the qualities that make each actor unique.

I also work with organisations, professionals and business people from all walks of life. In my corporate headshot work, I aim to shoot images that convey not only credibility, but also personality.

Whether you're an actor, performer, a company, or a professional, please do explore the website to see if you'd like us to work together.



Actor Headshot Photography
in London

Images that expand your casting range. For Spotlight, Mandy (CCP) and the entertainment industry

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Business Headshot Photography in London

Corporate portraits and business headshots that showcase each brand’s identity. For LinkedIn profiles, company websites, marketing and PR