3 questions to ask yourself before investing in new actor’s headshots

Your decision to invest in a set of actor’s headshots in London – whether for the first time or to update your previous photos – means you are probably well aware of the need for current headshots that reflect how you truly look. 

However, there are certain things to which actors sometimes do not give sufficient thought when they have new headshots taken. So, before you choose from my headshot photography packages, you are advised to ask yourself the following questions.

1.    What are the projects for which you wish to audition?

The best actor’s headshots in London for those wishing to be cast in sitcoms or romantic comedies can differ markedly from those most ideal for attracting work in action films, indie films or one-hour dramas. The more confident you are about which projects you wish to target with your headshots, the more informed you and your photographer will be about which style to aim for.

2.    Which actors would be your direct competitors for roles?

It is important for your headshots to show your own unique value as an actor, instead of implying that you are copying someone else. Nonetheless, you will need to have an idea of what it is about you that you wish to sell in your headshots. Having a few actors in your head who would hypothetically compete directly with you for roles will give you a clearer sense of what requests to make of your headshot photographer with regard to style and approach.

3.    How would you describe your headshot in five to 10 adjectives?

What words or phrases would you like to come to an observer’s mind at first sight of your headshots? Do you aspire to be the sultry femme fatale, perhaps, or a more winsome and approachable character? Are you the charming and quirky best friend, or the handsome and macho leading man? By being as specific as possible, you will help your chosen headshot photographer in their efforts to achieve just the right look for you in your headshots.

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