How much should you spend on a headshot photographer?

With the end of 2017 looming, you may already be contemplating your New Year resolutions – one of which may be to hire a headshot photographer to take a new set of shots to take you through the next few years of your career.

Inevitably, the task of choosing a headshot photographer necessitates the consideration of a wide range of issues, including the given photographer’s portfolio and how they typically conduct a session.

However, there is another factor when seeking out the most suitable headshot photographer that you simply cannot ignore: price.

No one price is the ‘right’ one

As disappointing as I suspect this news may be to you, I equally suspect that you anticipated it from me – there is no one price figure or bracket that you should be aiming at when you are trying to select the most appropriate headshot photographer for you.

The real answer to the question above is: “it depends on the circumstances”. Are you a complete newcomer to having your headshots taken, and need an entirely new set of headshots to be created from scratch? Or are you a seasoned professional simply seeking a quick ‘update’?

The thorny matter of how much to pay for a headshot photographer is naturally complicated by the fact that many photographers – including myself – offer multiple headshot packages to cater to different needs and budgets.

A ‘cheap’ headshot photographer can be a false economy

When choosing a headshot photographer, as with any other product or service, there is an extent to which you do ‘get what you pay for’.

If you insist on spending less than £100 on a headshot photographer, for instance, you probably can’t expect much more than an hour – or even less – of session time, and may have to compromise by choosing a photographer whose main specialism is something other than headshots.

All in all, there can be a ‘conveyor belt’ feel to the cheapest headshot photography services. This means you will want to strike the right balance between understandable financial factors and the benefits of working with a more established and capable photographer who will spend a decent amount of time with you and is trusted by the UK’s leading agents and employers.

Talk to me about your needs from headshot photography

You can find out more about my own prices on my website, with different packages available depending on such factors as your budget, how much time you would like to spend with me and the number of set-ups you wish us to try.

There is also information on my site about the nature of my sessions, because after all, what you will want most from a headshot photographer are the best results, not simply a great price. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with me now to discuss your requirements.