About Steve Lawton

20 Years Experience

Hi there, I'm Steve Lawton and I've been shooting headshots for actors, performers, businesses and professionals for 20 years.

Capturing the qualities that make you unique

I love my job and whether you're a star, working actor, student, or professional, I aim to work with you to produce headshots that you will be completely happy with, that sells you and captures the very qualities that makes you unique.

At the beginning of the shoot, Steve instantly wanted to get to know me and the work I want to do, so from the off you know he is all about getting a photo that captures who you are and more importantly one that reflects your casting.
— Adam McCoy, Actor

My aim is to produce both a great headshot and a beautiful image in its own right which shares the secret of your inner self, connecting and drawing the viewer in.

A great headshot is like a great close up, you keep coming back to it: engaging, open, fascinating but above all truthful.

The photographs themselves managed to bring out my most engaging qualities (both physical and inner), whilst still realistically representing me. No-one else has managed to do that before. I would (and do) recommend Steve to everyone.
— Donna Banks, Actress

Recommended by top talent agents and drama schools

I'm delighted to be the actors headshot photographer of choice for many of the UK's most established talent agents and drama schools.

As trusted and recommended by:


creating drama through light and location

I shoot at an atmospheric Central London location and love incorporating the ever changing seasonal light to create compelling, revealing and totally natural images. Unlike most studio based photographers who are limited to the same basic set-ups, my images are always unique on the day*. Click here to see a selection of my images.

The location he uses and the light there is absolutely beautiful and gives a really unique, warm, bright look to his photographs. I am so happy with the results - by far the best headshots I have had.
— Natalie Woodward, Actress

* Indoor studio shoots available upon request

Trusted by Businesses and Professionals

I shoot corporate headshots for organisations and professionals, including c-suite executives, bankers, consultants, entrepreneurs, barristers, journalists, and surgeons - all of whom require a warm, honest and reassuring image that resonates with their clients.

I am delighted to be approved by the Association of Professional Headshot Photographers (APHP), a non-profit group created in 2016 by the UK's leading headshot photographers. 

Founded on principles of education, expertise and excellence, the APHP aims to benefit professionals, actors and agents by establishing and celebrating recognised standards of headshot professionalism, through the 'APHP Approved' quality kitemark.